"I remember going to a workshop and being told that if you find your teacher then stick with them. If they hold your space then look no further. Emily is that teacher.  It is yoga with feeling, from the heart, an honest look inside.  I couldn't love what Emily offers more. Emily is the reason my journey with yoga has grown and expanded and become more than yoga but part of who I am. Thank you."  - Rachel

"I always look forward to Emily’s classes....I think of her as the smiling assassin (in the nicest possible way!!!)....she will get you holding poses you thought were impossible and she’ll make you laugh at the same time! She’s also incredibly down to earth and makes you feel so comfortable which encourages me to do more than I normally would....because in the end....none of it matters....giving it a go is what matters-and Emily is all about giving it a go! If you can get to her classes...do it! She works your body, she calms your mind and you’ll leave with a great, big smile! Absolutely brilliant teacher and I feel very lucky to be able to go to her classes!" - Emma

"I met Emily two years ago as I entered her Monday morning hot yoga class. I was on my own journey back then, but after that class I immediately stalked her finding out where I could get myself more of what I just experienced. I couldn’t articulate how I felt at the time, but now instinct was telling me ‘this girl is different’ ‘this girl is true’. A few months in, I invited her for coffee and straight away I knew she had to be in my life in one way or another. There was something so humble about her. Something that is so rare in the show-off social media focused world we live in. If you don’t know Emily, I suggest you get yourself to one of her local classes where I promise she will inspire and open up a part of you, you never thought possible. The part that makes you want to live as your unique you!" - Sam, founder of Ottilie Wellness

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